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We live & breathe tech. We have been operators ourselves and we know what it takes to build and scale tech businesses and what it takes to unlock value. We have been there and we understand you!

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M&As are inherently complex and difficult to navigate for first-time entrepreneurs. Our relationships with founders are forged in fire and we have converted 100% of our founder clients as friends for life. They have been our advocates and evangelists and every single one of them has brought us more transactions to work with. Our NPS score is 100.

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With firsthand experience in running tech companies, acquiring businesses, raising funds for startups and successfully selling enterprises, our seasoned team of finance professionals is well-versed in every step of the tech company journey.

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Arjun Pillai
Chief Data Officer

I have been associated with FinLead from the days of acquisition of my first startup, Profoundis. This was the first ever time a product acquisition was happening in the history of Kerala. As a first time founder it was difficult to make sense out of all the legal documents and the due diligence process. FinLead has this unique combination of understanding tech, legal, finance and operational aspects of the business. Whatever missed as a founder, I found support from FinLead. Without FinLead in the picture, I am not very sure if our acquisition would have closed. My relationship with FinLead is symbiotic and I have & will continue to refer founders to FinLead.

Jyothis Joseph

Ideamine approached FinLead with a strong reference from our friends who had worked with Finlead before. While we were expecting a usual rigid and laid-back finance team, Finlead’s professionals came in as a pleasant surprise. All of them were tech savvy and had deep knowledge about the IT industry. Their experience in transaction advisory came in much handy during our acquisition process, creating a win-win for all parties. The team is young, dynamic and has previously completed multiple US – India transactions. We’re sure we’ll be working with them again.

Harish Mohan
Executive Director - Sales

FinLead’s in depth knowledge in the M&A process and strategies were key contributors in making our dream of aligning with a bigger player a reality. Perfomatix being a global entity, FinLead’s critical understanding of how technology companies’ function, what contributes to value of the firm along with expertise in various laws relating to cross border transactions, has immensely helped in smooth navigation through the nuances of the deal. Quick logical solutions and turnarounds were what made them truly professional.It was a pleasure to work and know that your banker is a trusted team who had best interests of both the parties to the deal.

Ani Abraham Joy
Chief Operations Officer
SectorQube Inc.

We were impressed with both FinLead's knowledge of the process and their approachability. The team were courteous, professional and user-friendly throughout the process and provides an outstanding service and is extremely efficient. Their professional attitude is a great reflection on FinLead. Working with them is indeed a pleasure. Sector Qube looks forward to a continuous growing relationship with FinLead and recommend them without hesitation.

Prabil MJ

FinLead happened to Campper at the right time. They have stood with us and helped us in navigating through some real tough times. FinLead founding team have worked closely with us in our cap table structuring, Business and financial model design and validation and they continue to do so. What makes them standout in terms of working with startups is that they have the DNA of a startup and they know how the startup entrepreneurs work. One of the lessons we have learned from our startup journey is that, you need to have a partner like Finlead from day one.

Oleg Romanyuk
Chief Executive Officer

FinLead was the accounting partner for Simplio for several years till its acquisition in 2017. We met FinLead through a strong reference from one of our shareholders and I should say it was totally worth it. We were an Online travel agency based in the US and we had operations across the globe. This industry is tough because of its complicated rules and contract terms and tougher it is when you have to deal with multilingual B2B vendors and customers from all over the world - we were excited to see the ease at which FinLead handled it - we moved our entire accounting to their Indian office.

Ajeesh Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
Web 2 Market Inc.

We met FinLead when Empressem was about to be acquired by a large US Corporation. We had the acquirer diligence due in a few weeks' time and we had a lot of accounting tasks in the backlog for our multiple companies in US and India. I should say that team FinLead's service delivery was exceptional - not only we could complete the books way ahead of the deadline, but the way it was executed and presented was also top class, we comfortably completed the diligence and the deal. Indeed, a trustworthy partner for entrepreneurs!