Investing in innovative tech startups with visionary founders


Verteil’s direct connect platform will provide customers a fully transparent travel experience by allowing them to take informed decisions comparing flight ticket prices and offers from different suppliers against a wide range of attributes.


Zappyhire’s AI-powered Recruitment Automation Platform helps you find the right candidates and improve time-to-hire while providing all stakeholders a seamless recruitment experience.


Factors.ai  help B2B companies to accelerate revenue by 3X, by generating leads from anonymous website traffic & suite of analytics.


Totto is a parenting platform for early childhood. Totto aims to help parents of young children be better aware of their children, improve the quality of time they spend with them and improve their knowledge of parenting, by leveraging the power of AI. 


Bluehour’s custom photo-guides help you frame the most engaging photographs, making it easier, faster, and more affordable for sellers to craft captivating product photographs and compelling listings


Siemba’s collaborative PenTest as a Service Platform (PTaaS) integrates subscription-based scalable and repeatable PenTesting into an organization's existing technology.