Mergers & Acquisitions

Perfomatix acquisition by Vrize

When Harish, Liju, Hiran & Sooraj laid the foundation stone for Perfomatix, they were spearheaded to make the company a global digital transformation company. Over the years, they have successfully managed to build a strong team based out of India & Singapore providing value services to clients spread across the globe in various segments. 

Perfomatix wanted to outgrow their rapid expansion and growth by associating with a bigger player, whilst ensuring that the culture, synergy and long term vision of the company remained intact. 

Therein entered Vrize. 

On the day of acquisition, Maloy Roy, CEO of Vrize mentioned “We found Perfomatix to be a natural fit for VRIZE, given the similarities in our culture, work methods, and above all our values of keeping our employees and our customers ahead of everything else. Not just in talks, but in our everyday actions and decisions”.
Stakeholders from either side were indeed happy that they found the right fit for each other.

It was truly a heartful experience for FinLead to be the lead runner for the whole process. The acquisition process displayed a clear synergy and is expected to further provide enhanced opportunities, expertise, and experience for all stakeholders, including employees.

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