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Tech Innovations acquisition by RCG Global

Tech Innovations Technologies (TI Technologies), a leading software services company with clients in the US and Europe, was acquired by multinational corporation RCG Global Services (RCG) to strengthen its team, market presence and expand its offerings.

RCG CEO and President, Rob Simplot, highlighted the strategic advantages of the acquisition, stating, "With the acquisition of TI Technologies, RCG gains access to the human capital in India for software engineering, providing our clients additional options for world-class offshore service delivery." This acquisition allows RCG Global to tap into the skilled talent pool in India, complementing their 22-year track record of offshore services from the Philippines.

TI Technologies' Founder and CEO, Deepu Zacharia, expressed enthusiasm for joining RCG Global, emphasizing the new opportunities and momentum it brings in the digital transformation marketplace. Zacharia mentioned that TI Technologies' team has successfully collaborated with over 300 businesses, ranging from small startups to corporates.

RCG Global's acquisition of TI Technologies presents a strategic growth opportunity for both companies. RCG Global will leverage TI Technologies' skilled development team, while TI Technologies will benefit from RCG Global's resources and support.

This acquisition strengthens RCG Global's market presence and expands its offshore service capabilities. It provides TI Technologies with a platform for increased opportunities in the dynamic digital transformation sector. The collaboration between the two companies will enable the delivery of world-class software services to clients worldwide.

The successful acquisition of TI Technologies by RCG Global marks a significant step towards achieving their mutual goals of growth, expansion, and delivering innovative software solutions to a global client base.

FinLead managed the acquisition process and ensured smooth and timely completion of the transaction. The acquisition process involved various stages, with due diligence being a crucial component. The entire transaction, from initial discussions to the final closing, was successfully concluded within a commendable timeframe of six months.

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