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Profoundis acquisition by Full Contact

US-based tech firm FullContact acquired Profoundis Labs, the creators of the renowned product Vibe. With this acquisition, FullContact aims to strengthen its data solutions while integrating the entire team of 70 Profoundis employees into its global workforce. Bart Lorang, co-founder and CEO of FullContact, expressed the value of the partnership, stating, "Profoundis has been instrumental in adding value and increasing the effectiveness of our data solutions for clients." This acquisition propels FullContact's growth, as it continues to build a comprehensive contact management platform for professionals and businesses.

Profoundis Labs, founded in 2012 at Kerala's Startup Village, emerged as a technology-driven, human-verified data research platform. Vibe, their flagship product, gained recognition for its advanced data research capabilities. The startup's success story is rooted in the collaboration of its founders: Arjun R. Pillai, Jofin Joseph, Anoop Thomas Mathew and Nithin Sam.

The acquisition of Profoundis Labs by FullContact is a significant milestone for Kerala's startup community. It showcases the potential for global success and the maturity of enterprise-focused startup teams. Keyur Patel, Founder and Chairman of Fuse Global Ltd., emphasizes the cultural and technological synergies that are emerging from this collaboration.

By integrating Profoundis Labs' expertise, FullContact aims to enhance its offerings and provide comprehensive data solutions to clients worldwide. The absorption of Profoundis' talented team into FullContact's global workforce strengthens their position in the industry. This collaboration not only marks a milestone for Kerala's startup ecosystem but also highlights the potential for global recognition and growth.

FinLead played a vital role in the acquisition process of Profoundis Labs by FullContact, providing assistance with exit structuring and optimizing tax planning for the company's promoters and investors. With the expertise and understanding of the complexities involved, FinLead ensured that Profoundis could successfully navigate the exit process.

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