Pre-Series A Investment

C-Electric Automotice Drives raises seed fund

Bavil Varghese and Ratheesh Nair, who share a dream of building a better EV ecosystem through the provision of more efficient and affordable Indian-designed and manufactured powertrains for 2 and 3 wheeler vehicles, founded CEAD. 

This exceptional hardware company is based in southern India and specializes in harnessing the potential of electric drivetrains. With their team of engineers with over 15 years of design and development expertise on various MCU series, including Renesas RL78, RX100, 200, 600, Cypress, and Atmel, they are experts in electric vehicle motor controllers. They focus on the development and manufacturing of brushless motor powertrains for electric two and three-wheeler vehicles, with the aim of accelerating the EV ecosystem by providing efficient and affordable powertrains that are Indian-designed and manufactured.

As CEAD grew beyond the capabilities of its two bootstrapped founders, external funding became necessary. FinLead facilitated the collaboration between CEAD and KCF Foundation, and we are proud to have played a role in bringing these organizations together.

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