Pitch Deck : The trailer to your startup movie!

How to create a perfect pitch deck?

Pitch Deck : The trailer to your startup movie!

Pitching before an investor is just like releasing a trailer before a movie release. The impact of the trailer drives the audience to cinema halls. 

Let us see what we need to include in the trailer to your startup : 

  1. Details of the Company
    Brief of description about the format of the company along with a brief introduction to the business of the company. Key focus to be given to the product developed by the company and the features of the product.

  2. The Problem Statement
    Existing/ Competitor models and its deficiencies or lack of solutions in the market could be briefly described in this slide. This should direct towards potential solutions or opportunities in the existing market. Possibilities for new markets and opportunities may also be referred to here.

  3. Solutions to the  problem - your product
    Your product is essentially the solution to the problem described above and your revenue is capitalisation of the opportunity. It is to be kept in mind that the narration should NOT be descriptive and detailed. Solution to be explained using minimal jargons.

  4. Market trends and Market Size of the business
    A sufficient market size is a must for any product to thrive. Giving a fair estimate of the market size along with the obtainable market size will generate interest for the investors.
    It is to be ensured that the market size numbers are logical and not an estimate. Reference to publicly available and reliablereports that mention the market size could be helpful.

  5. Details of the product/services and its features in a brief manner (restrict to a single slide if possible)
    A brief deck about the product and services could begin from here once the opportunity, solution and market size is established in the minds of the investor.
    A fair idea about the USP, MOAT, interesting facts/ numbers to be given in this slide. Think about it like a slide wherein the key points about the product are HIGHLIGHTED.

  6. Business Model
    Herein, the GTM Strategy could be detailed, along with the revenue model and key highlights about the usage of the product such as ARR per customer, LTV, Churn, Number of Active Users etc.

  7. Competitions existing in the industry
    Details of existing players in the industry, their offerings and revenue numbers could confirm the potential opportunities out there. This should be comparable to the total market size and how there is still opportunity for you to penetrate into the market.

  8. Financial Highlights
    Historical condensed P&L would paint a picture of the product to the investors.
    Revenue and EBITDA projection for 3 to 5 years could also be portrayed in this section so as to envision the growth pattern.  Details about monthly burn and unit economics of the product should also be presented here.

  9. Funding Ask
    Expected funding along with a high level fund utilization plan to be given in the statement. Milestones that the company intends to achieve in the company years could also be given.

  10. Team details
    Often in an early stage startup, the investors bet on the founders or the people behind the idea/product and not the product itself. A fair idea about the founders/ co-founders along with the key people is important in a pitch deck.

*further to the above, one could include slides like pricing comparison with competitor products; major milestones achieved etc depending on the product.